1. Song To A Drunken Friend
  2. The Whiskey Tree
  3. Sleep Vivian
  4. Julia
  5. Amerika Wake Up
  6. That´s Fact
  7. Wish I Could
  8. Back To The Start
  9. Passage To The Milky Way
  10. Why Let It Fly
    Bonus Tracks:
  11. Could It Be
  12. The Whiskey Tree
  13. Commercial Job

Produced by Desmond Shea and A Drastic Measure
Recorded by Desmond Shea
Mixed by Fred Vidalenc
Mastered at Electric City, Brussels, Belgium
Featuring Michael Franti (Spearhead), Analucia Dasilva (A Subtle Plague), and Tom Heyman (Chuck Prophet, Go to Blazes)
Limited Edition published through Thomas Bolenius
Artwork by Rosa Futuro and Tobias Marx – Revolutions And Constitutions


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