July 25, Budapest, Hungary @ELLATOHAZ (SECOND SHOW ADDED!!!) back Room

The The Durgas not the first time a concert in the House of supply, but the last time party managed to miss their point. My friend once again said they were playing – if he did not bother, I swear I’d go to the pub to see a game, and that would certainly be a much worse version for Saturday night.

The old bikers can be familiar with the name, have been on the Sziget several times, and played before Chumbawamba . The band’s existence miracle: the hyper-enthusiastic drummer (Gábor Török) and bazijó violinist ( still looking ) in Hungarian, one of the founders tetvérek Benjie lives in Boston, Christopher commute between Budapest and the world, Katy , bassist her American saxophonist ( Orlando Smith)English … To get together, mystery, but here is their new album and they start a German tour as well.


As Cristopher said, the headquarter is in Budapest, so they always start the tour. It seems that getting into the road is a family event because everyone here was here: the parents of the fratricians – who were real hippies – they say about them, ’68 protesting at the White House – current and former wives, children, relatives and friends , enthusiastic enthusiasts. The number of embroideries per square meter scratched the boundaries of unbearable persistence until I got it, not once, and from now on I felt like a family member, and I stumbled into this basin hippie. Try it: liberating! Everyone is grinning, everyone is friendly, everyone is dancing, everyone is happy – there were some Pride shirts and Croatian jersey in the audience’s ranks, we could have set in a gigantic peace & love tabloid.

When the Russians hit the first goal – because the projector goes under the concert in the foreground – the Czech punk rock band Gronkjor is playing on stage . Twenty-year-old friendship connects the two orchestras – they were kids, we were kids, say, as I rip the frontman’s age, started playing music in kindergarten …


I’m also preparing for all the Czech beauty of the punk language, but then the vocals are in perfect English, so this is when the frontman is a sociologist at Oxford. The thing is coming, rushes to the gate, tell someone that they are called because I did not understand it (miracle?), I get a sticker on the basis of collecting them on the net and Facebook, nothing … My girlfriend is happy , after their concert they come to see what the hell is, he’ll get the name for him, he has it! – comes back and it does not take 2 minutes, the man appears and puts two gems and two bracelets in his hand … This is the dose of love that an average heart can not withstand. And even the Croatians are equalizing.


The music of The Durgas perfectly reflects the life of the founders. I mentioned, hippies … The list where they got caught is pretty much the same: Germany, Thailand, Tanzania, Mali, Senegal, Italy, USA – and they certainly missed a couple of stops.Accordingly, the sound is (harmonically) eclectic: punk, rock, punkrock, Irish folkrock, world music, reggae, ska – but this is not like when you can not stop and combine everything. And then I did not know, I just looked at who and where they played so far. You’ve been with Iggy Pop, Mudhoney, Vic Chesnut, Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth and Soul Asylum. But that does not matter, but where they went: they gave a concert in Kosovo during the South Slav War, they performed in Bangkok at an international AIDS / HV conference, they played in refugees in India, there were tsunami in Sri Lanka and the case of Burmese orphans as well. Respect , guys.

The performance of a high-pitched emotional state was played in the Gathering House, while Gronkjor also delegates a member: the repertoire is added to the rappel, and the live music ends at the top. The good news is that they will come back here on the 25th, but if you go to Pegasus , they will be concerts on 23rd.

One would think that after the ensuing embraces of the concert, the evening can no longer be spun, but de. We press the front of the projector as the extension begins and we chirp when the Russians bet. There is a hearty gentleman beside me, and we are talking to English in the 11th, coming from Australia. We will discuss that, unfortunately, my favorite team has dropped them out ( Vamos, Perú! ), And when he asks me where I came from and it turns out I’m in the room, he says, “Then we can continue in Hungarian.” I suspect the guy, I’m doing the wrong thing for you or not , and it turns out that I ‘m debating László Kiss with the founding member of Orgazmus, URH and Europe , and I think about the finals of the World Cup, which he believes will be Belgian-Croatian.

It is hard to live with dignity that the Croatians finally get the hosts out, screaming and bouncing everybody (myself), and in the end I make my irresponsible promise ( if the Croatians win, I drink a pálinka – a voice from the back: if not, even then. ..).

We’re getting a little bit tired of just getting used to it, then I’m going home and I’m sorry that some seventh or eighth sense just dragged me to the House of Commons.

Go on, Croatia!

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